Black Women Rejecting Hospitals in Search of Better Birth Outcomes

By Lou Portero - Last Updated: May 24, 2022

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Black mothers in the United States over age 30 are four to five times as likely to die from maternity-related complications as white women. 

A growing awareness of these racial inequalities in health care has prompted Black women who worry they will not be given proper medical attention to seek alternatives for a better birthing experience. 

Ayesha Stow, a Black woman, narrated how her ordeal at the hospital made her follow through with a different choice of the birthing experience. She reported feeling not protected or cared for in any way by her OB/GYN, who is white. According to Ayesha, not much information was given to her by her OB/GYN, and she was always at a loss about what to expect. Or what is happening with her baby. Like many other Black women, Ayesha turned to doulas or midwives, whom she believes gave her more education than her regular OB/GYN appointments. 

According to Ayesha, “My midwives asked about my mental health, they asked me how I was feeling and how I was exercising and taking care of my body. They explained what stage of pregnancy I was in, how my body was going to react, and how I should treat my body in certain stages. They also discussed postpartum care and stressed how necessary it is, things that my OB never discussed with me. But the most important takeaway that I’ve gotten from my doula and my midwives is that I’m in charge. It’s my body, it’s my baby, and I actually get to say what happens. I wish all Black women knew that going into their birthing experience”. 


Source: Refinery29

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