Dr. Mills Discusses the Negative Health Impacts of Experiencing Racism and Trauma

By Joel Kahn, MD - September 13, 2023

Milton Mills, MD, critical care physician at Inova Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, talks to Joel Kahn, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Michigan, about the negative health impacts associated with experiencing racism and trauma. Dr. Mills, a member of the Board of Directors at Plant-Based Prevention of Disease, Inc., discusses how epigenetic changes associated with experiencing trauma and racial abuse may impact health outcomes.

This interview is the last of a 4-part interview for Urban Health Today. In part 1, Dr. Mills shares how he first became interested in helping patients improve their health outcomes by switching to a plant-based diet, and in part 2, he reflects on his experiences in medical school and internal medicine training. Part 3 features a discussion on implicit bias and how Black patients’ complaints of pain are often overlooked or dismissed in clinical care.

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