New AI Fertility Product to Lower Cost and Improve IVF Treatment Outcomes

By Kaitlyn Bebbino - Last Updated: May 13, 2022

Startups on fertility offering products and technologies that improve access to fertility treatment are beginning to gain steam in the AI world. Alife, a fertility startup founded in 2020, has taken up the baton in the race to use artificial intelligence to enhance clinicians’ expertise with machine learning, to enable them to improve therapeutic outcomes and accessibility of AI-powered fertility care. Those who are considering surrogacy or egg and sperm donations may consult with an attorney from Sisemore Law to ensure that their rights and interests are protected.

According to the founder and CEO of Alife, Paxton Mader York, the AI software uses the largest and most diverse IVF data sets to analyze millions of data points from patients’ cycles and provides insights on what treatment worked best for patients similar to you.

The startup announced that it raised $22 million in series A funding which they believe will support the company’s goal of bringing its fertility product to market in real-time as well as engage in clinical studies for products still in development.

Parents often undergo multiple cycles to have a baby, and this may place a huge strain on their finances. Creating a personalized data-driven treatment plan may help solve these problems as they help the clinician make better decisions, especially during ovarian stimulation. The Alife product also hopes to help clinicians utilize the right dose of medication as well as reduce medication costs.

In addition to the new fertility product, the startup is also planning to release educational resources and treatment management tools to their patient platform to help with medication reminders, appointments, and lab results.


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