Tamara ThomasRheumatology | January 29, 2024
Previous studies have linked psoriasis to several autoimmune disorders.
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Tamara ThomasRheumatology | November 29, 2023
One of the reasons for PsA misdiagnosis is a lack of psoriasis symptoms.
Tamara ThomasRheumatology | November 16, 2023
Metabolic syndrome affects patients with psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis differently.
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | November 8, 2023
Researchers noted that approximately 47% of patients with SpA reported abnormal sleep behavior
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | October 31, 2023
Researchers hypothesized that NSAIDs may lead to an inaccurate assessment of inflammation in the sacroiliac joint.
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | October 24, 2023
Patients with axSpA and PsA often experience diagnostic delays before receiving a correct diagnosis in a rheumatology clinic.
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | October 20, 2023
Researchers found that Black patients with axSpA were more than two times more likely to have severe inflammation.
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | October 10, 2023
Prognostic differences between axial PsA and axSpA that may affect patients’ response to available treatments
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