Alzheimer's & Dementia
Alzheimer's & Dementia
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 18, 2023
An immune protein known as complement C3 was present at much higher levels in the brains of women who died from Alzheimer's.
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Urban Health Today EditorsDisparities in Nursing | November 21, 2022
Alzheimer's disease and related dementia (ADRD) treatment expenditures may triple to $45 billion by 2040.
Rob DillardDisparities in Nursing | November 18, 2022
Multilevel strategies are needed to address community mental health disparities among young Black men.
Rob DillardDisparities in Nursing | November 18, 2022
The findings, published in JAMA Neurology, showed that in Black adults, brain aging is more accelerated starting in midlife.
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | November 15, 2022
Major studies attempted to define the types, intensities, and durations of physical activity most likely to combat dementia.
Rob DillardDisparities in Nursing | October 31, 2022
The nationally representative Health and Retirement Study is an essential source of data on dementia and MCI.
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | October 1, 2022
The findings are a positive surprise, following years of setbacks and failures for similar Alzheimer’s drugs.
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | September 6, 2022
Experiences of structural and institutional racism are associated with lower memory scores and worse cognition in ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | September 1, 2022
Vaccination against those diseases may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | July 29, 2022
Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to reach 100 million cases by 2050. Age, genetics, family history, and other ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | May 19, 2022
Cognitive function in middle age is a strong predictor of whether a person may develop dementia later in life. According ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | March 29, 2022
Researchers believe age is the most important factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease. The frequency of this ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | March 9, 2022
The cost of Alzheimer’s disease for African Americans and Latinx is influenced by racial and health disparities, ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | February 23, 2022
Asians, Hispanics, and blacks were less likely to receive a timely diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or dementia ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 26, 2022
Black participants with dementia in Alzheimer’s research have more dementia risk factors and greater cognitive ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 26, 2022
On January 11, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the highly anticipated National Coverage ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 26, 2022
An Alzheimer's Association report showed that patients and caregivers believed descrimination impacts care.
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 26, 2022
Exposure to particulate matter (PM2.5) may contribute to racial/ethnic disparities in Alzheimer’s risk, according ...
Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | January 26, 2022
The number of people living with dementia worldwide is expected to nearly triple from 57.4 million cases in 2019 to ...
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