Cailin ConnerAsthma | March 13, 2023
More than 25% of patients with asthma overuse their rescue inhalers.
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Tamara ThomasAsthma | March 7, 2023
Adopting zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), or electric cars, is associated with improved air quality and respiratory health.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | February 27, 2023
A study found that Caribbean Hispanic and Latinx adults reported nearly twice the asthma morbidity.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | February 21, 2023
According to new research, adults living with persistent asthma may be at a higher risk for heart attack or stroke
Tamara ThomasAsthma | February 13, 2023
Depression in parents may negatively impact asthma care for their children.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | February 6, 2023
Stakeholders in some US schools avoid stocking life-saving albuterol asthma inhalers due to liability concerns.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 30, 2023
Experts proposed solutions to address the racial disparities affecting people with allergic conditions.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 7, 2023
The study also found that certain combinations of cleaning chemicals were more effective in removing the toxins.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 6, 2023
Harvard researchers examined complaints of asthma triggers from Boston residents and how the city addressed them.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 6, 2023
The findings highlight how smoking can damage the health of smokers, their children, and their grandchildren.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 6, 2023
People who have pollen allergies can benefit from knowing at what times of day pollen counts are highest.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 6, 2023
Researchers believe these disparities demonstrate the impact of structural racism on patient outcomes and access to care.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | January 5, 2023
The mortality rate from asthma is twice as high among Black and Latino persons as it is among White persons.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | January 5, 2023
Prevalence in asthma in children is linked with race, ethnicity, and neighborhood characteristics.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | December 20, 2022
A new symptom-based screening tool that detects asthma risk in young children.
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