Cailin ConnerAsthma | October 1, 2023
Elevated triglyceride-glucose index is independently associated with a 6% higher risk of severe asthma exacerbation.
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Tamara ThomasAsthma | September 29, 2023
Routine bronchoscopy before biologic therapy for severe uncontrolled asthma can help identify specific asthma phenotypes.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | September 22, 2023
Infant food allergies were associated with reduced lung function and an increased risk of asthma in childhood.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | September 12, 2023
Household poverty is an outcome of asthma care utilization according to a study assessing the impact of poverty on asthma.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | September 8, 2023
Extreme temperature exposure during pregnancy and early infancy can harm lung function in female newborns.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | September 5, 2023
Exposure to agricultural burning is associated with an increased prevalence of respiratory symptoms in children.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | September 1, 2023
Living near fast food restaurants is linked to reduced lung function changes in children with asthma.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 29, 2023
Family smoking exposure is associated with IgE production, potentially increasing the risk of airway allergies.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | August 24, 2023
Many African Americans with COPD re not accurately diagnosed using the current fixed-ratio spirometry criteria.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 22, 2023
Introducing biologic therapies for severe asthma led to significant reductions in asthma-related hospital admissions.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | August 17, 2023
Uncontrolled severe asthma causes more health impairment and lower productivity compared to controlled severe asthma.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 15, 2023
High levels of asthma was observed in pediatric patients who experienced asthma exacerbations after spikes in air pollution.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | August 10, 2023
Empowered asthma patients adhere better with tailored education and improved communication.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 8, 2023
Comorbidities significantly influence asthma control in older adults.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | August 3, 2023
Babies born preterm have a higher risk of developing asthma and COPD in adulthood.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 1, 2023
Asthma accelerates white and gray matter microstructural changes associated with aging and neurodegeneration.
Cailin ConnerAsthma | August 1, 2023
A recent study among US adults found a significant correlation between food insecurity and asthma.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | July 28, 2023
Interaction between histamine-releasing factor and immunoglobulin may promote inflammation in patients with severe asthma.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | July 20, 2023
Higher GERD severity is associated with reduced lung function in patients with asthma.
Tamara ThomasAsthma | July 14, 2023
Children and adolescents with status asthmaticus who are obese have a higher likelihood of requiring mechanical ventilation.
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