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Public Health
Lou PorteroPublic Health | January 13, 2023
Researchers found that women with employer-sponsored insurance found their healthcare services less affordable than men.
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Lou PorteroPublic Health | November 17, 2022
Activists argue that cis-gender women are not the only ones affected by Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | November 9, 2022
Are rheumatologists and patient assessments for Hispanic/Latinx people with RA in agreement when using a Spanish PPQ?
Lou PorteroManaged Care | November 7, 2022
Payment and incentive systems can encourage health systems to cater to healthier people.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | November 4, 2022
Despite the Affordable Care Act, medical debt disproportionately affects Black households and communities.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | November 1, 2022
The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade may have unforeseen repercussions.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 28, 2022
There is a dearth of data on the impact of social determinants of health in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 26, 2022
Women in rural areas find it more difficult to get the care they need to deliver healthy babies as less attention is ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 24, 2022
Dr. MarkAlain Déry, MPH, discusses the dearth of women’s health research and the historical inequities in women’s ...
Lou PorteroManaged Care | October 18, 2022
Pregnant Hoosiers on Medicaid coverage have been granted federal approval and can keep their insurance coverage up to ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 17, 2022
Anabell Castro Thompson MSN, APRN, NP-C, FAAN, FAANP, is Senior Vice President of Health Equity for Equality Health.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 12, 2022
Maternal mortality rates are higher in the United States than rates seen in other industrialized countries.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 10, 2022
High levels of OH radicals can be generated indoors simply due to the presence of people and ozone, according to a study ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 7, 2022
There is a current outcry on using melatonin to ward off insomnia. An increasing number of people report that they find ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | October 6, 2022
Gina Kim is the Chief Product Officer of Cohere Health.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | September 29, 2022
Dr. MarkAlain Déry, MPH, discusses the obvious flaws in why Maternal Mortality continues to be an issue for people of ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | September 23, 2022
Chapman discusses collaborations with Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Yale University, and more.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | September 8, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just revealed that from 2019 to 2021, Indigenous American life ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | September 8, 2022
Dr. MarkAlain Déry, MPH, discusses the negative impact abortion bans have on Public Health. ...
Lou PorteroManaged Care | July 21, 2022
One Medical operates an expansive network of clinics and is the largest independent practice in the U.S.
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