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Public Health
Tamara ThomasPublic Health | May 17, 2024
"COPD prevalence is consistent with overall trends in COPD mortality rates, which also remained unchanged from 1999 to ...
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Tamara ThomasPublic Health | May 15, 2024
Research revealed that patients treated by female doctors experience lower mortality rates and hospital readmission rates.
Urban Health Today EditorsPublic Health | May 13, 2024
Successfully identifying and enrolling enough qualified participants to a clinical trial is a complicated process
Lou PorteroCancer | May 10, 2024
Living in a more walkable neighborhood may protect women against the risk of obesity-related cancers
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 9, 2024
people (IBD) who have higher levels of vitamin D in their blood may be less likely to need surgery on their bowels
Lou PorteroInfectious Diseases | May 8, 2024
The CDC warns HCPS of an increase in invasive meningococcal disease, mainly due to the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis.
Lou PorteroDisparities in Nursing | May 7, 2024
The researchers identified two significant factors: burnout or emotional exhaustion (22%) and insufficient staffing (18%).
Lou PorteroHIV | May 6, 2024
Limited access to healthcare, driven by factors like employment discrimination, suggests a link to increased risk behaviors.
Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | May 3, 2024
Increasing or maintaining physical activity levels can improve health-related quality of life.
Urban Health Today EditorsPublic Health | May 3, 2024
Quinton Maidment breaks down some of the challenges for clinical trials of recruiting diverse participants.
Lou PorteroHeart Health | May 2, 2024
Social determinants of health, may affect cardiovascular risk for each Asian American subgroup differently
Urban Health Today EditorsPublic Health | April 26, 2024
Quinton Maidment, Vice President of The Bliss Group, explains clinical trial screening process and what patients can expect.
Lou PorteroInfectious Diseases | April 26, 2024
new guidance released by the CDC, Americans who test positive for COVID no longer need to isolate for five days. 
Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | April 24, 2024
The majority of children and adolescents with chronic skin conditions reported experiencing stigma.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | April 23, 2024
For people with metastatic cancer, the constant focus on cure can create a sense of isolation from the cancer community.
Cailin ConnerChronic Spontaneous Urticaria | April 27, 2024
Disparities in access to omalizumab for patients with CSU significantly impact treatment patterns and health outcomes.
Cailin ConnerHeart Health | April 27, 2024
A 30-year study of major cardiovascular events finds widening disparities in heart health.
Urban Health Today EditorsPublic Health | April 19, 2024
Quinton Maidment, Vice President of The Bliss Group explains the steps involved in clinical trial enrollment process.
Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | April 15, 2024
Increasing rates of even light physical activity from childhood through young adulthood can reduce insulin resistance.
Tamara ThomasUrban Health Weekly | April 12, 2024
Gillian Barclay on the Oral Health-Overall Health Connection Among Children
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