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Public Health
Tamara ThomasDigital Health | November 3, 2023
The study revealed that counties with the highest broadband access had the most robust healthcare system.
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Natalie Ferguson, PhDPublic Health | October 30, 2023
Why is IEP support not available for special needs children during the summer months?
Natalie Ferguson, PhDPublic Health | September 25, 2023
Teachers will weaponize ACS to intimidate parents of special needs children and dissuade them from advocacy.
Tamara ThomasPublic Health | August 3, 2023
Black people in counties with more Black primary care physicians had lower mortality rates.
Lou PorteroManaged Care | July 7, 2023
The federal government is weighing a decision that would impact women's options after breast cancer surgery.
Lou PorteroCancer | June 23, 2023
People who live in historically redlined areas are less likely to have health insurance, or access to cancer screening.
Tamara ThomasWomen's Health | June 21, 2023
The researchers found that exposure of uterine cells to DEHP could facilitate the increased growth of fibroids.
Tamara ThomasPublic Health | June 8, 2023
USPSTF proposes reducing the recommended start age for routine screening mammograms to age 40.
Urban Health Today EditorsWorkforce News | May 24, 2023
CVS Health® launched the CVS Health National Health Equity Advisory Board as part of its commitment to advance health ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 19, 2023
Food insecurity remains a pressing issue in the US, with millions struggling to access adequate nutrition...
Lou PorteroInfectious Diseases | May 10, 2023
By increasing funding for herpes research, new treatment options and preventive measures can be developed.
Urban Health Today EditorsPublic Health | May 9, 2023
"Through the power of collaboration, we will give historically marginalized communities more access to healthcare services."
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 3, 2023
Traffic deaths disproportionately affected Black Americans, with Black males experiencing the highest fatality rates.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 2, 2023
People of color are more likely to perform physically demanding jobs that can be difficult to continue into old age.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | April 19, 2023
Teresa McArthur, MS, RD, CDCES, on How Virtual Specialty Care Can Promote Health Equity
Tamara ThomasPublic Health | April 18, 2023
The FDA is working towards easing restrictions on blood donations from high-risk individuals, including gay and bisexual men.
Lou PorteroManaged Care | April 12, 2023
Alina Czekai, MPH, talks to Urban Health Today about Improving Patient Care Access through Enhanced Prior Authorization.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | March 22, 2023
A study published in Obesity has found that the built environment is the strongest predictor of adolescent obesity.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | March 16, 2023
Patients frequently encountered hurdles like limited networks, insufficient reimbursements, and preapproval procedures.
Lou PorteroManaged Care | February 15, 2023
Most Medicare diabetics don't receive a prescription for continuous blood glucose monitoring or use the technology correctly.
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