Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Lou PorteroCancer | December 16, 2022
A new study reconsiders when women with family history of breast cancer should begin mammogram screening.
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Lou PorteroDisparities in Nursing | September 20, 2022
Advanced practice nurse Patricia Jakel is highlighting the distressing survival rates for Black women with breast cancer.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | September 7, 2022
A study showed Asian women had the highest risk of not receiving a biopsy after a mammogram identified an abnormality.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | July 21, 2022
Swiss researchers have found that circulating tumor cells are more prone to metastasize during a body's resting phase.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | March 28, 2022
Ongoing research at the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Center for Cancer Research has revealed a method of ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | March 11, 2022
The number of patients who survived after receiving presurgical chemotherapy or surgical removal of breast cancer tissue ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | February 26, 2022
The genetic makeup of every individual consists of BRCA 1 and 2 (Breast Cancer genes) which are tumor-suppressing genes ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | February 26, 2022
Champion’s Health Belief Model Scale (CHBMS) is a scale used by social psychologists to estimate the beliefs of ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | February 25, 2022
The disparities may be masked by data showing that women of Asian descent have a low risk of adverse breast cancer effects.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | February 25, 2022
Although a similar number of women are diagnosed with breast cancer from both races, the mortality rate among black ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | February 25, 2022
The quality of life (QoL) of breast cancer survivors is said to depend on post-treatment factors and conditions such as ...
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | December 9, 2021
Dr. MarkAlain Déry, MPH on the importance of Breast Cancer Screening access during the pandemic. ...
Rob DillardBreast Cancer | October 11, 2021
Researchers from Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center have developed and evaluated a risk prediction model ...
Rob DillardCOVID | August 30, 2021
A new study finds that during the COVID-19 pandemic, breast cancer screening rates (BCSRs) have declined in the United ...
Rebecca AraujoBreast Cancer | July 2, 2021
Read the top hem/onc headlines from the week of June 28, 2021.
Rebecca AraujoBreast Cancer | July 1, 2021
The gap in breast cancer survival rates between Black and white women has reduced over the past 25 years in the U.S., ...
Urban Health Today EditorsBreast Cancer | June 24, 2021
The implementation of an immediate screening mammogram program during the COVID-19 pandemic helped reduce racial/ethnic ...
Urban Health Today EditorsBreast Cancer | June 23, 2021
According to a study presented during the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting, there were no significant differences in mortality ...
Rebecca AraujoBreast Cancer | June 2, 2021
White patients were more likely to report at least three distress symptoms and had significantly higher distress scores.
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioBreast Cancer | June 1, 2021
There were no differences in the prevalence of germline pathogenic variants in white women versus Black women with ...
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