Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | October 2, 2023
The prognosis for induction failure in childhood T-cell ALL remains unfavorable despite advancements in treatment.
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Patrick DalyMultiple Myeloma | September 19, 2023
Higher creatinine levels and decompression surgery without fusion were linked to complications after spinal surgery in MM.
Patrick DalyMultiple Myeloma | September 19, 2023
The phase 1/2 MajesTEC-1 study established a recommended dose for subcutaneous teclistamab in relapsed or refractory MM.
Patrick DalyMultiple Myeloma | September 19, 2023
Prior allogeneic stem cell transplantation did not appear to impact the safety and efficacy of cilta-cel treatment for MM.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | September 15, 2023
Being overweight or obese was associated with increased toxicity and higher nonrelapse mortality.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | September 1, 2023
Sociodemographic factors lead to disparities in outcomes for multiple myeloma patients.
Patrick DalyMultiple Myeloma | August 21, 2023
IMWG multiple myeloma treatment guidelines informed by studies with a major lack of Black patients, study finds.
Tamara ThomasBreast Cancer | August 18, 2023
Researchers discovered that breast cancer survivors had a heightened risk of being diagnosed with pericarditis.
Tamara ThomasProstate Cancer | August 16, 2023
Black individuals are more likely to believe videos about prostate cancer when Black physicians or patients present it.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | August 15, 2023
The insurance status of patients with AML impacted access to molecular genetic sequencing and overall survival.
Tamara ThomasColorectal Cancer | August 9, 2023
Researchers identified seven risk factors for early-onset colorectal cancer for men under 50.
Tamara ThomasColorectal Cancer | August 2, 2023
NICE advised doctors to offer people who show signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer a fecal immunochemical test (FIT).
Patrick DalyMultiple Myeloma | August 1, 2023
Daratumumab added to carfilzomib-lenalidomide-dexamethasone triplet therapy for multiple myeloma improved MRD and survival.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | August 1, 2023
Children with ALL living in extreme poverty had a significantly higher risk of relapse during maintenance therapy.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | July 31, 2023
Age, marital status, and tumor site were independent prognostic factors for extramedullary multiple myeloma.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | July 31, 2023
BMI before and at MM diagnosis did not significantly impact survival.
Tamara ThomasProstate Cancer | July 31, 2023
Men with a BMI of 30 or higher were less likely to screen positive for either the PSA test or DRE.
Tamara ThomasBlood Cancers | July 28, 2023
Black patients with CLL received less targeted therapy compared with White patients.
Tamara ThomasProstate Cancer | July 27, 2023
American Indian and Alaska Native men are less likely to get PSA testing and DREs for prostate cancer screening.
Cailin ConnerBlood Cancers | July 24, 2023
An educational intervention increased provider confidence in aligning multiple myeloma treatment decisions.
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