Tamara ThomasLung Cancer | June 18, 2024
More women between the ages of 35 and 54 are diagnosed with lung cancer at higher rates than men in the same age group
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Rachel Freedman, MD, MPHBreast Cancer | June 17, 2024
Dr. Freedman talks with Caleen Allen about Sisters Network, which raises awareness of BC in the Black community.
Rob DillardBreast Cancer | June 17, 2024
Neighborhood deprivation is associated with increased BC mortality among non-Hispanic White women, but not Black women.
Tamara ThomasColorectal Cancer | June 13, 2024
The largest percentage increase (in CRC) was observed in children aged 10-14, with a staggering 500% rise in cases.
Lou PorteroCancer | June 7, 2024
A new urine test could spare bladder survivors from a painful follow-up procedure
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | June 13, 2024
These factors may drive disparities in care for Black patients with multiple myeloma.
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | June 13, 2024
A new study shows why it's important for nurses to be aware of how social determinants of health affect medication adherence.
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | June 13, 2024
It's important for nurses to recognize opportunities to address racial disparities in hospice use and access.
Rob DillardBreast Cancer | June 3, 2024
Black women experience higher obesity and breast cancer mortality rates than non-Black women.
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | June 13, 2024
Clinical trial knowledge is related to the likelihood of participation.
Urban Health Today EditorsColorectal Cancer | June 1, 2024
Dr. Craig Eagle, CMO of Guardant Health, discusses how DNA-Based Colorectal Cancer Blood Screening can address CRC disparity.
Rebecca AraujoMultiple Myeloma | May 31, 2024
More than 70% of patients aged 70 years and older with multiple myeloma prioritized functional independence as important.
Lou PorteroLung Cancer | May 30, 2024
Scientists believe that hormones may contribute to these sex differences in susceptibility to lung cancer.
Cailin ConnerMultiple Myeloma | May 29, 2024
Stem cell transplant utilization remains suboptimal and marked by racial-ethnic disparities.
Lou PorteroColorectal Cancer | May 29, 2024
If those individuals also have a higher risk of colorectal cancer, we can infer that obesity is linked to colorectal cancer.
Rob DillardBreast Cancer | May 21, 2024
Racialized economic segregation is a social determinant of health in metastatic breast cancer.
Tamara ThomasColorectal Cancer | May 16, 2024
Body size, insulin levels, alcohol intake, and educational level may likely drive colorectal cancer in people under 50.
Lou PorteroBreast Cancer | May 14, 2024
Young women are more likely to be diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at an advanced stage and with larger tumors
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | May 10, 2024
The study results underscore the importance of equitable treatment access for all patients.
Lou PorteroCancer | May 10, 2024
Living in a more walkable neighborhood may protect women against the risk of obesity-related cancers
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