Rob DillardAlopecia | November 27, 2023
Researchers sought to determine the accurate diagnosis underlying chronic diffuse alopecia in women.
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Dr. Julia RileyPsoriasis | November 22, 2023
Dr. Julia Riley sits down with two investigators to discuss a study related to distance as a barrier in psoriasis trials.
Dr. Chadi NabhanHealthcare Unfiltered | November 14, 2023
Dr. Chadi Nabhan and two distinguished experts detail race-related disparities in dermatologic malignancies, and much more.
Rob DillardAlopecia | November 3, 2023
Alopecia areata patients face post-traumatic stress disorder in relation to hair loss.
Lou PorteroPsoriasis | October 27, 2023
Most pregnant women may feel they should stop dermatitis treatment, but this may not be the best course of action. 
Tamara ThomasSpondyloarthritis | October 24, 2023
Patients with axSpA and PsA often experience diagnostic delays before receiving a correct diagnosis in a rheumatology clinic.
Tamara ThomasAlopecia | August 23, 2023
Researchers observed that nevus melanocytes release osteopontin ... to induce hair growth.
Dr. Adam FriedmanDermatology | August 22, 2023
Dr. Adam Friedman talks about a telemedicine program designed to improve dermatologic medical care in underserved areas.
Tamara ThomasAlopecia | August 18, 2023
Transgender people who get masculinizing hormone treatment have 2.5 times more cases of androgenetic alopecia.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | August 14, 2023
There exists a link between self-management-competency and hidradenitis suppurativa.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | August 14, 2023
A study indicates a potential link between hidradenitis suppurativa and dissecting cellulitis.
Tamara ThomasAlopecia | August 14, 2023
More than a third of patients with AA had symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Tamara ThomasAlopecia | August 7, 2023
Frequent consumption of sugary beverages or drinks may be linked to male pattern hair loss
Tamara ThomasAlopecia | August 2, 2023
Asian Americans have a  higher risk of alopecia areata, compared with people of other ethnicities.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | July 26, 2023
Individuals with hidradenitis suppurativa face barriers to access dermatology care.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | July 18, 2023
A multitude of factors lead to disparities in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa in Black patients.
Dr. Daphne ChanDermatology | July 16, 2023
Dr. Daphne Chan talks about several initiatives meant to facilitate health equity, specifically in dermatology.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | June 30, 2023
Hidradenitis suppurativa patients see their comorbidity burden increase following diagnosis.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | June 26, 2023
A study analyzed HS prevalence in Lagos, Nigeria.
Rob DillardHidradenitis Suppurativa | June 26, 2023
Patients with hidradenitis suppurativa have an increased prevalence of anemia.
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