Rob DillardDisparities in Nursing | November 18, 2022
Sexual minority and racial/ethnic minority women in the US are at increased risk for unintended pregnancy.
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Lou PorteroPublic Health | November 17, 2022
Activists argue that cis-gender women are not the only ones affected by Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Urban Health Today EditorsHidradenitis Suppurativa | November 3, 2022
Sexual/gender minority patients are at risk for infections that can alter the clinical course of hidradenitis suppurativa.
Kaitlyn BebbinoPublic Health | May 25, 2022
Dr. MarkAlain Déry, MPH talks about anti-trans legislation and its harm to the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth who ...
Lou PorteroProstate Cancer | January 12, 2022
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Commonly observed symptoms after treatment include urinary ...
Lou PorteroPublic Health | January 4, 2022
Despite the ever-rising need for donation of blood to make blood available for patients, a study published in The Lancet ...
Urban Health Today EditorsCancer | September 10, 2021
Patients with a history of cancer who identify as lesbian, gay, and bisexual had worse survivorship than their ...
Lou PorteroInfectious Diseases | August 30, 2021
Dr. MarkAlain Déry is the Chief Innovation Officer & Medical Director for infectious diseases at Access Health Louisiana.
Rebecca AraujoCancer | June 23, 2021
A systematic review evaluated patient-reported outcomes after cancer treatment among patients who are sexual or gender ...
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