Rebecca Araujo

Rebecca Araujo is a medical writer and editor. Her work has appeared in ASH Clinical News, Blood Cancers Today, DocWire News, GU Oncology Now, and more. Rebecca received her bachelor’s degree in English from Rutgers University.

Articles by Rebecca Araujo

Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | April 15, 2024
Increasing rates of even light physical activity from childhood through young adulthood can reduce insulin resistance.
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Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | April 10, 2024
Concurrent vaccination was associated with a more durable SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody response.
Rebecca AraujoPublic Health | March 26, 2024
A fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine led to similar antibody titer levels in patients with cancer as in healthy controls.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | December 25, 2023
Availability of cardiac specialty care within a 15 minute drive improved heart attack treatment for Black patients.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | December 22, 2023
Neighborhood-level poverty was associated with likelihood to pick up prescriptions for heart failure medication.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | December 8, 2023
Racial and ethnic disparities persist in the adoption of preventative care for patients with ASCVD.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | November 21, 2023
Higher stroke risk was found among Black women with experiences of racism in housing, employment, and police interactions.
Rebecca AraujoCMD | November 15, 2023
Having health insurance does not mitigate the impact of racial and ethnic disparities on glycemic control among US adults.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | October 27, 2023
Neighborhood safety was the factor that most greatly attenuated racial disparities in heart health among Black men.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | October 23, 2023
A coalition calls for systemic changes to address disparities in women's cardiovascular health care.
Rebecca AraujoCMD | October 18, 2023
Pharmacist-led, patient-specific interventions reduced HbA1c concentrations in Hispanic patients.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | October 6, 2023
Each 10-year decrease in age at heart failure heightened the risk of subsequent dementia.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | October 3, 2023
Half of the more than 220,000 Native participants analyzed had at least 1 severe cardiovascular condition.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 26, 2023
TyG plus waist circumference or waist-to-height-ratio was significantly associated with new-onset hypertension.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 12, 2023
Experiencing childhood parental incarceration was associated with 33% higher odds of hypertension during adulthood.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 5, 2023
Women older than 80 with atrial fibrillation may not receive adequate monitoring to reduce their risk of stroke.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 5, 2023
Assisted reproductive technology was not associated with increased risk of CVD after giving birth.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | September 8, 2023
Clinical decision support tools did not reduce disparities in preventative care for cardiovascular disease.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | August 11, 2023
In overweight or obese adults with cardiovascular disease, semaglutide significantly reduced the risk of nonfatal stroke.
Rebecca AraujoDiabetes | August 18, 2023
Initiatives to increase health literacy in individuals with type 2 diabetes may be effective at improving glycemic control.