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Lou PorteroWorkforce News | July 13, 2023
The COVID-19 outbreak has made nurses more likely to pursue other careers
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Lou PorteroAlzheimer's & Dementia | July 8, 2023
Leqembi, recently approved by the FDA, may slow decline from Alzheimer's Disease
Lou PorteroManaged Care | July 7, 2023
The federal government is weighing a decision that would impact women's options after breast cancer surgery.
Lou PorteroEye Disease | June 30, 2023
Women are more likely to develop AMD because they are more likely to reach the age where the disease is most common.
Lou PorteroCancer | June 23, 2023
People who live in historically redlined areas are less likely to have health insurance, or access to cancer screening.
Lou PorteroEye Disease | June 6, 2023
Many rural areas have a significant healthcare gap, severely affecting disorders like wet age-related macular degeneration.
Lou PorteroEye Disease | June 2, 2023
Individuals may forgo necessary preventive care and treatments for DME due to cost, potentially leading to worse outcomes.
Lou PorteroEye Disease | May 30, 2023
Hispanic and African American populations demonstrating higher rates of DME than their Caucasian counterparts.
Lou PorteroNeurology | May 29, 2023
Older adults often have other comorbidities, which can complicate the management of primary progressive multiple sclerosis.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 19, 2023
Food insecurity remains a pressing issue in the US, with millions struggling to access adequate nutrition...
Lou PorteroInfectious Diseases | May 10, 2023
By increasing funding for herpes research, new treatment options and preventive measures can be developed.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 3, 2023
Traffic deaths disproportionately affected Black Americans, with Black males experiencing the highest fatality rates.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | May 2, 2023
People of color are more likely to perform physically demanding jobs that can be difficult to continue into old age.
Lou PorteroDermatology | April 26, 2023
Stress rashes are primarily caused by psychological stress which makes the skin more susceptible to irritation and infection.
Lou PorteroWomen's Health | April 25, 2023
Symptoms of PMDD can be severe enough to disrupt daily life, relationships, and work productivity.
Lou PorteroDermatology | April 20, 2023
Since vitiligo patients were more likely to have additional conditions, doctors should pay more attention during check-ups.
Lou PorteroPublic Health | April 19, 2023
Teresa McArthur, MS, RD, CDCES, on How Virtual Specialty Care Can Promote Health Equity
Lou PorteroWomen's Health | April 19, 2023
The Brazilian Butt Lift carries inherent risks that patients should know before undergoing the procedure.
Lou PorteroMental Health | April 13, 2023
Schizophrenia has been used to pathologize and marginalize people who experience these symptoms.
Lou PorteroManaged Care | April 12, 2023
Alina Czekai, MPH, talks to Urban Health Today about Improving Patient Care Access through Enhanced Prior Authorization.