Heart Health
Heart Health
Tamara ThomasWomen's Health | January 3, 2024
"(Mammogram)is a pretty simple way cardiologist(s) can determine if a woman is at risk (for heart disease)."
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Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | December 25, 2023
Availability of cardiac specialty care within a 15 minute drive improved heart attack treatment for Black patients.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | December 25, 2023
Patients who have a heart attack may not always have the standard modifiable risk factors of heart disease.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | December 22, 2023
Neighborhood-level poverty was associated with likelihood to pick up prescriptions for heart failure medication.
Tamara ThomasHeart Failure | December 18, 2023
Exposure to environmental metals may increase the risk of heart failure among American Indians.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | December 12, 2023
Columbus Batiste II, MD, discusses the health impact of factors such as water contamination, food deserts, and more.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | December 11, 2023
The risk of cardiovascular disease differs among Chinese, Indian, and Filipino Americans adults.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | December 9, 2023
Clinical trials with inadequate vitamin D dosages may contribute to the ineffectiveness of current dosing recommendations.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | December 8, 2023
Racial and ethnic disparities persist in the adoption of preventative care for patients with ASCVD.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | November 30, 2023
Rates of heart disease deaths are substantially higher for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders than for Asian Americans.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | November 22, 2023
Blood pressure control during an outpatient visit appeared to decrease slightly during winter months compared to the summer.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | November 21, 2023
Higher stroke risk was found among Black women with experiences of racism in housing, employment, and police interactions.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | November 17, 2023
Columbus Batiste II, MD, shares a personal story about how implicit bias impacts health care for people of color.
Tamara ThomasRheumatology | November 16, 2023
Metabolic syndrome affects patients with psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis differently.
Rebecca AraujoCMD | November 15, 2023
Having health insurance does not mitigate the impact of racial and ethnic disparities on glycemic control among US adults.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | January 30, 2024
Adults who had experienced cardiac arrest were 7.3 times more likely to have chronic kidney disease.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | November 10, 2023
Eating more trans-monounsaturated fats and conjugated linoleic acids may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Lou PorteroHeart Disease Prevention | November 9, 2023
There is no single best heart rate for fat burning on commercial exercise equipment.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | November 2, 2023
Columbus Batiste II, MD, talks about his background growing up in Compton, CA, and the path that led him into interventional
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | October 27, 2023
Neighborhood safety was the factor that most greatly attenuated racial disparities in heart health among Black men.
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