Heart Health
Heart Health
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | October 3, 2023
Half of the more than 220,000 Native participants analyzed had at least 1 severe cardiovascular condition.
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Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 26, 2023
TyG plus waist circumference or waist-to-height-ratio was significantly associated with new-onset hypertension.
Tamara ThomasHeart Disease Prevention | September 25, 2023
Only 60% of postpartum women at risk of heart disease received heart health counseling after giving birth.
Tamara ThomasHeart Disease Prevention | September 22, 2023
Thirty-nine percent of US youth aged 12-19 are overweight or obese, and 15% have high blood pressure.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | September 18, 2023
Patients with high body BMI experienced heart damage or cardiotoxicity during chemotherapy for breast cancer.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | September 13, 2023
Milton Mills, MD. discusses how epigenetic changes associated with experiencing racial abuse may impact health outcomes.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 12, 2023
Experiencing childhood parental incarceration was associated with 33% higher odds of hypertension during adulthood.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | September 11, 2023
Asian adults who had a cardiac arrest at home or in public had a 42% chance of receiving CPR from a bystander.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | September 5, 2023
Women older than 80 with atrial fibrillation may not receive adequate monitoring to reduce their risk of stroke.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | August 29, 2023
Assisted reproductive technology was not associated with increased risk of CVD after giving birth.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | August 28, 2023
Women with severe stroke are less likely than men to be sent to comprehensive stroke centers.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | August 21, 2023
Women with atrial fibrillation have a higher risk of developing dementia and mild cognitive impairment.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | August 19, 2023
Clinical decision support tools did not reduce disparities in preventative care for cardiovascular disease.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | August 18, 2023
Dr. Mills examines how Black patients’ complaints of pain are often overlooked or dismissed in clinical care.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | August 14, 2023
US veterans who once lived in formerly “redlined” neighborhoods have a higher risk of heart attacks.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | August 11, 2023
In overweight or obese adults with cardiovascular disease, semaglutide significantly reduced the risk of nonfatal stroke.
Tamara ThomasCMD | August 7, 2023
Short-term use of NSAIDs could lead to an increased risk of first-time hospitalization for heart failure in diabetic patients
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | August 2, 2023
An association was found between cardiovascular-disease–related genes and preeclampsia.
Tamara ThomasCMD | July 24, 2023
Many Medicaid patients with heart failure and diabetes did not receive adequate follow-up after hospitalization.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | July 17, 2023
Fear and language barriers may keep Latino individuals from administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
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