Heart Health
Heart Health
Tamara ThomasDiabetes & CMD | March 24, 2023
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in plastics could increase the likelihood of women developing diabetes.
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Tamara ThomasHeart Health | March 20, 2023
Significant association exists between periodontitis and atrial fibrosis.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | March 13, 2023
A new AHA guideline offers a standardized approach for assessing individuals suspected of having a transient ischemic attack.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | March 11, 2023
Middle-aged women with smaller hearts are more likely to have lowered cardiorespiratory function.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | March 10, 2023
Clinical trials of patients with heart disease frequently used disabilities as exclusion criteria.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | February 27, 2023
Dr. Williams discusses implicit bias in health care and barriers to cardiovascular health in racial and ethnic communities.
Joel Kahn, MDHeart Health | February 22, 2023
Dr. Kim A. Williams, Sr. discusses racial disparities in cardiology training for Black physicians.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | February 20, 2023
Treatment plans for heart attacks and heart-related chest pain may require modification for people 75 and older.
Rebecca AraujoDiabetes & CMD | February 20, 2023
Sex-based disparities in blood sugar level and quality of life were identified among children with type 1 diabetes.
Rebecca AraujoDiabetes & CMD | February 15, 2023
Cardiovascular hospitalization rates are rising for lower-income individuals with type 2 diabetes.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | February 13, 2023
Two studies analyzed factors associated with cases of rheumatic heart disease arising in North America.
Tamara ThomasHeart Disease Prevention | February 6, 2023
Environmental stressors like air pollution and extreme temperatures have multiple harmful effects on the heart.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | January 31, 2023
The study sheds new light on the negative health effects of social isolation and living alone for people with heart disease.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Disease Prevention | January 26, 2023
Organizations in the Azara Healthcare network receive access to the AMA’s blood pressure control quality improvement ...
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | January 20, 2023
Only 1 in 4 young adults have ideal cardiovascular health, as per the American Heart Association's Life’s Essential 8 ...
Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | January 12, 2023
Longer heart failure hospitalization among minority patients was not associated with greater quality of care at discharge.
Tamara ThomasHeart Disease Prevention | January 7, 2023
Improving research, awareness, and equity in women's cardiovascular health is critical for their overall well-being.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | January 6, 2023
High school sophomores shed light on the disparities that residents of redlined (poor financial risk) neighborhoods face.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Health | January 6, 2023
Researchers explored factors behind the risk of diabetes in South Asian women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus.
Tamara ThomasHeart Health | January 5, 2023
Those who are more socioeconomically disadvantaged have disproportionately borne the burden of COVID-19, researchers found.
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