Heart Failure
Heart Failure
Tamara ThomasCMD | August 7, 2023
Short-term use of NSAIDs could lead to an increased risk of first-time hospitalization for heart failure in diabetic patients
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Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | July 15, 2023
The co-occurrence of social risk factors were associated with emergency department visits after heart failure.
Tamara ThomasHeart Failure | June 12, 2023
Young adult cancer survivors are at higher risk of heart failure when treated with anthracyclines.
Tamara ThomasHeart Failure | May 29, 2023
Having a higher body mass index (BMI) may not protect the heart in patients with heart failure.
Tamara ThomasHeart Failure | May 22, 2023
Adults living in rural areas are more likely to develop heart failure than adults living in urban areas.
Tamara ThomasHeart Failure | May 8, 2023
The Social Deprivation Index may be useful to predict outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention.
Rebecca AraujoHeart Failure | January 12, 2023
Longer heart failure hospitalization among minority patients was not associated with greater quality of care at discharge.
Lou PorteroHeart Failure | October 21, 2022
It promotes proactive, ongoing conversations and offers practical steps for women with heart failure and care providers.
Urban Health Today EditorsHeart Failure | September 30, 2021
Congestive heart failure is common after doxorubicin chemotherapy for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Lou PorteroHeart Failure | April 5, 2021
Race and sex have a significant impact on in-hospital admissions and overall outcomes in patients with heart failure.
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